By Guest Blogger Daniel Sullivan

Alright, it was September 25th, of 1994. The day i was born into this world along with my twin brother, mike. I was surrounded and embraced by my brother, Ryan, my sisters, Katlin and Renee, and my Mom and Dad and my uncles and aunts. one of who was Harold K Crovisier, Or as all of his loved one knew him, Bud. back then he was a young man, heavier, but not fat, and real loving.

In the year 2000 Bud joined the real-estate field with my mother, and at this point in time he had lost a lot of weight due to the medicine he took to manage his HIV/AIDS. He got it when he was sixteen years old, but he was a fighter! i think it was around the year 2005 and he had this disease that killed millions in remission he hadn’t won but his life got a little easier. Bud was really smart and artistic and he loved teaching me and my brother things.

I remember we use to always sit around the dinner table and play cards, bud taught us the game of Jin Rummy. we played it nearly every time he came over we had fun. we played it so much that we all got really good and we could keep a game going for what seem like minutes but hours had flown. I remember the laughing the competition and all the fun we had, times were good.

One thing you need to know about Bud was if he wanted to do something or become something he just did it. He lived life knowing he didn’t have as much time as most of the people in this world, he knew if he wanted something he needed to just do it. So he did. He wanted to be stronger, year later he was in the best shape he was ever in. He wanted to be a diver, so he dove, he mastered the art and even saved someones life, he was a Hero. He wanted to swim with the sharks of Hawaii and he did.

My uncle by no means had an easy life, people treated him differently because of the AIDS or because he was a homosexual, he was faced by scared, homophobic, bigitory people . But despite this fact he fought for what he wanted. Everything thing, every little thing he had he worked his ass off for and he was proud of it, he was provided little charity nor did he seek any. He was his own man.he told me once.

“I may have walked the unbeaten path, but I”m here aren’t I?”

On September 4th, 2010, this extraordinary man went to the hospital, I found this our right before kick off of our first food ball game, and what I remember best about that night was not playing football, hitting someone, or the concussion I got. What i remember best about that night was although he was in the hospital, my uncle would have wanted me to play. It’s what he’d do. after the game I went and saw him for the last time, he was in coma. The next day, another day that i will never forget, we lost him he had finished, what some might considered his earthly trials, but what would have called a good life. My uncle taught me a lot over the years and he has severely shaped who i am as a human being, and i will always thank him for that.

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