The Climate Machine–A Novel

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The Earth’s Water is Disappearing

With water vanishing from every lake and river, America’s Pacific Northwest is careening toward dystopia. Seattle is fraught with chaos, crime, and desperation. Marella Wells thinks she may have discovered what is happening to the water, but as oceans drain around the world, the channels to sound the alarm have collapsed. With her mentor-boss and a displaced college student, Marella embarks on a journey in the depleting Pacific Ocean to stop the out-of-control cause of the world’s demise. They battle for survival amid windstorms, sandstorms, fire, and other life-threatening disasters, with a violent religious cult at their heels. If they aren’t fast enough, all life on Earth will perish.

We Grew Tales

Short Story Collection

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We Grew Tales book

We Grew Tales is a collaboration of creative storytelling. Three Northwest authors present speculative fiction, humorous, and literary tales, without apology for the wide ranging styles and subject matter. Indeed, the variety is what makes this collection so enjoyable to read!In “Jesus on a Rocking Horse,” a disabled woman and a homeless man see an image of Jesus in a dirty alleyway. In “The Era of Trolls,” a woman must defeat a holographic Internet troll or be attached to it indefinitely. In “Out of the Flames,” two sisters discover a dark secret from their childhoods that will change their lives forever.

The book is written in two parts, reflecting the authors’ interest in exploring two different creative processes…or two ways to grow a tale. The first half are stories conjured up in the traditional—albeit elusive—manner of storytelling. That is, a seed of an idea is fertilized in the mind, transformed onto the page, and finally shaped for the reader’s consumption. In the second half of the book, the seeds are planted as prompts—nonnegotiable starting points to spur the imagination. While both methods are familiar to experienced writers, it is up to the reader to decide which yields the best harvest.

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Susan has also published nonfiction articles in Marketer and the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce.

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