Sunlight Shining Through Forest

Divine insight always comes at me through the front window. That’s why I avoid the living room when the neighbors drop by. We sit in the kitchen, or in the outdoor room. That’s what they call them these days, you know the spot with the barbeque and the outdoor furniture arranged just so.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get off track.

I’m sitting in the living room. I hear an explosion, as if the transformer outside has blown up. Which I suppose is possible, but if it does, they fix it remotely, without sending out a crew. They can do that now, you know. Like they reset your cable box while talking with you on the phone.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get off track.

So anyway, the divine insight either is noisy inside my head like an explosion, or it causes the transformer to explode. Just making sure you understand so far. Right. So then, I feel lightheaded, like I’ve stood up too fast. Come to think of it, I probably did jump up because of the explosion. But that’s not why I’m lightheaded. I’m lightheaded because God has crowbarred open my head and slipped in these new thoughts that weren’t there before.

My divine insight is never anything earth-shattering. I don’t get commandments, or instructions to do anything. I get words that I don’t know what to do with, like “unintended consequences,” or “tuned piano,” or “tic tac toe.” Or maybe an image comes into my head. An Easter bunny, the Brooklyn Bridge, a pair of shoes. Generic shoes. Nothing with a brand name.

I’ve driven myself crazy trying to figure out what it means. Is it some kind of code? A warning? What kind of a message is “tuned piano?” Is my life out of tune, or should I learn music? Does it have to be a piano or would a guitar work, since I can carry it around?

Eventually I learned that it’s best just to enjoy it and not read too much into it. Just like any other pleasant experience in this life.

Oh, sure. Go ahead and try, if you want. Sit right over there, on the chair closest to the window. Be careful, the armrest comes off if you pull up on it.

Nothing will probably happen. I’m the only one so far. But you never know. I’m just going to back up a little. Don’t mind me.

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