Jordan had been around the nose modeling block, and knew that most people didn’t understand how much work it was to be a nose supermodel. To do it right. It wasn’t just a matter of posing, sticking your nose out for the camera. You had to understand the big picture.

Yesterday’s photo shoot was a perfect example. It was yet another food-shoot, and mounds of gourmet cuisine filled the room. His nose could have been overwhelmed by all the odors. A lesser nose model would have been carried away by the luxury, and the resulting photos would be drab and ordinary, or at the very least, misleading. But Jordan’s experience told him the shoot required a sense of nobility, not gluttony. As a result, he chose to imagine himself as a lion, overlooking his domain. He maintained a sense of dominating the food. He kept that internal concept of dignity throughout the shoot, even while production assistants were flitting about everywhere touching up the cumquats and the roasts, and the photographer was making nose jokes. As a result, the photos were an overwhelming success, and even as he was cleaning the makeup from his nose and purifying his nostrils with rose water, he knew nobody else could have done better.

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