Cory sat on the bench and leaned his elbows on the plastic, red-checkered tablecloth. He glanced at the list of suggested questions, then locked eyes with Elsa.

“I’m a website designer, twenty-three years old, my favorite movie growing up was Men in Black, I like Italian food, I watch the History Channel and the Sci Fi Channel. I was born in Portland but grew up in Mukilteo. I have a black lab, he makes noises like a truck braking when he wants to go outside, kind of like, ‘eeerrrrr,’ you know? I’m mostly a beer man but I’ll drink whatever you’re drinking. I like walking, but only if I’m going somewhere, you know, like there’s a specific destination point and a reason. For music, I like Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, lots of stuff. What about you?”

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