“This is wonderful,” said Zeus. “We’re in the news today. And it’s not a joke. Humans believe in us!”

“Let me see,” said Poseidon. He examined the Seattle Times article. “Well they don’t mention us specifically…”

“They talk about pantheism and paganism,” said Zeus.

“Sure, but it’s in a negative sense,” said Poseidon. “And I don’t really think it’s about us. It’s more of a Ganesha-Vishnu-Shiva kind of reference.”

“Let me see that—damn, you’re right. They’ve been getting all the good press. Still, maybe it’ll be enlightening for some humans. Let them understand that maybe they have a choice, you know?”

Hades, who had been silent up until now, broke in. “You know, you really ought to try yoga. Some of my dead souls have been teaching it to me. It gives you a rush.”

“You? Into yoga?” asked Zeus.

“Yeah. Hot yoga. Eases the gloom a bit down there in Hades.”


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