I knew I was a Thought Leader when my thoughts began leading me places. Down the hall. Out the door. Across the street. I had a thought, and off I would go.

Before I became a Thought Leader, I had thoughts. Many of them. But they didn’t necessarily lead me anywhere. Maybe sometimes, but not consistently. Now, I’m consistent. To the window. Across the bridge. To the mall. To the store near the mall.

You, too, can be a thought leader. You’re having a thought about going somewhere, right now. To the refrigerator. Over the meadow. Through the woods.

Just be careful about where your thoughts say to go. Oops, too late. Over the ocean. Around the world. To the stars. And beyond.

Rein it in a little. Save something for later. To the coffee shop. To that park with the new playground. To a friend’s house. That’s better.

There. You are now a thought leader. It’s much easier than they would have you believe.

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