Think about it. Sleep. I mean, what is that? It’s just so amazing that we sleep. We close our eyes and we’re in another universe. And then later a different universe. Sleep isn’t the same place every time. Why is that?

Are you really sure that you’re the only one having your dream? I mean, maybe you can test it, but you can’t be sure because dreams are so damn inconsistent. The chances that you’d really know if you and somebody else were having the exact same dream are miniscule, because how often do you check dreams against somebody else’s? Not that often, really, for the amount that you dream. And there are something like 7 billion people to check your dreams against. Somebody’s playing the monster in your dream, and you can bet it’s not your best friend.

What if there’s some ulterior motive to dreaming? I don’t know whose motive. Mine, yours, God’s, a dream controller somewhere. In fact, that’s something we should worry about, somebody taking over our dreams. I’m not talking horror movie stuff. People don’t invest good money in that outcome, there’s no Return on Investment. But if somebody could get into your dreams, then they could get you to buy a lot of stuff. You’d wake up thirsty for this drink, or hungry for that snack. It could even be weirdly good for you, if an exercise equipment seller got into your head and inserted an urge to buy an elliptical trainer and use it every day. There must be some way to guard against it. Some lucid dreaming way of staving off a nocturnal brain invasion.

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