5 simple but brilliant kissing tips
Pros & cons of ‘friends with benefits’
Tasty cocktails for Memorial Day
Video: How to shrink arm flab

If Maybelle had clicked on these headlines, she could have worn the sexy shirt, the one without sleeves.
A handsome man would have noticed her downright flab-free arms, and called to her from a sidewalk café to offer her a beer.
She could have told him that on non-religious holidays that bookend the summer, she makes tasty cocktails. He would have found that attractive in a woman.
He could have been a lifelong friend. He would have helped her practice kissing and other things so she would get it right when the right man came along.
But for now, she has missed out. Maybe her relatives will hip her to clicking on useful headlines, and then she’ll move forward with her life.

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