Things are astronomically aligned. You wouldn’t think so, because there’s no sign of it, not outwardly. You can’t see energy. At least, you can’t. I see it. It comes in blobs, floating, or in strings, or sheets. Sometimes it looks like a rain storm. There are different kinds of energy, different colors. That’s why you come to me. That’s why you pay me. So I can tell you what energy is finding you.

Look around. This place isn’t a mansion. It’s not even clean. Because I don’t believe in gouging. I charge enough to live on. That’s fair. Some people think I shouldn’t charge money at all, that it proves that I’m a fake. But I can’t do this and a regular job at the same time. I have to eat. Which, by the way, I take trades as well as cash. If you’re a decent cook, bring me dinner, I’ll read your energy.

You in particular. You’ve been the brunt of a large amount of energy. I’ve never seen exactly that type of energy before, but, oh, Jeez, look at that. A big pancake of energy, coming right for you. I’d better back up, until I know what it…there, it just landed on you. Did you feel that? No? Maybe just a sudden twinge, a little desire for something? Well if you stick around for a little while, I’ll tell you when energy comes for you, and you’ll learn to recognize it. Once you learn to recognize it, you can progress to identifying it, and from there to avoiding or attracting it.

See, here’s one coming for me. It’s got frilled edges, it’s light, happy. I’ll draw it to me. Ahh, good stuff.

Now, you interested?

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  1. Read them all, liked them all, laughed at all. Keep it up, there has to be a lot of other weird folks out there with the same sense of humor. Don’t give up on your novel.

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