I had always stayed within the lines. One day, Fiesta Fuchsia would not allow it. While I was distracted, pondering the day ahead, it slipped up over my cupid’s bow to the notch between my philtrum ridges. From there, it roamed from side to side, a bright mustache-like swath, bold, dominant.

By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late, and balance was now required. I spread Fiesta Fuchsia under my lower lip; then around and around until a slick of color signposted my orbicularis oris.

Then, I went to the office. Not without trepidation. This was, after all, a departure from my norm. What would people think? How would they react? Would there be actual ramifications?

Serendipity had it that Fiesta Fuchsia was close enough to the accent color of the company logo, and my unusual facial stray was seen as a nod to the corporate line: a brash yet enthusiastic support for the firm’s brand.

Hastily following my lead, other employees mimicked or exceeded my perceived passion. Fuchsia hair, fuchsia skin, fuchsia clothing, fuchsia email backgrounds, fuchsia name changes.

All this, in a matter of minutes after I passed through the front door. Within an hour, I was once more in the background, overshadowed by more adventurous souls. But I had learned something, and that was:

Less is not more. More is more.

What will my next “more” be?

Photo: Gratisography

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