The banner photo on my blog is me in Grytvikenon, Antarctica on a particularly balmy day (for Antarctica).  I’m standing in front of the ruins of a civilization that flourished before Antarctica slid down to the bottom of the world, became covered in miles of ice, and earned a reputation for being inhospitable and rather windy.  There was a penguin on the left side of the photo, but I photoshopped it out, replacing it with a man of mystery.  The joy on my face is that of discovery.  After all, global warming has melted away the clear blue ice to reward me with this amazing find.  And not only that.  Just below the frame of the photo are hieroglyphic-like markings clearly related to ancient Sumerian, which, by coincidence, I studied just before my departure for Antarctica (perhaps I’ll include the translation in a later blog). 


It’s not really Antarctica.

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