If they had named New York just plain York, the song New York, New York would have to be York York, York York.

How I came to this thought:

Thought 1: I was walking along a canal in Seattle, thinking that if there were fewer people around, I might worry about getting mugged.
Thought 2: If the canal was in New York, I might get mugged because they say you always get mugged at least once there.
Thought 3: If I visited New York and got mugged, then I would always think of that when I heard the song New York, New York.
Thought 4: What if they had named it just plain York instead of New York?
Thought 5: After all, it’s Paris, Texas, not New Paris.
Thought 6: Then the song would have to go, York York, York York.

So I’m always six degrees of separation away from a ridiculous thought. Unless you’re a New Yorker who takes offense at the part about always getting mugged in New York, and then you could say I’m only two degrees of separation from a ridiculous thought.

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