Benthon arrived home. He went straight to his man-cave and tossed his man-bag on the bed. It had been a rough day. He’d asked Pam to marry him, and she’d turned him down. He knew it was his man-cleavage. He shouldn’t have asked her while they were at the beach. He decided he should give up on her since she was a man-trap anyway, but then he heard her screaming for help in the water. Something about a man-o-war. He grabbed his styrofoam surfboard and man-paddled straight to Pam, in spite of his fear of that water-dwelling man-killer. Once there, he used his man-girdle to snag Pam and pull her to safety.

Even after he saved her life, she still didn’t want him. He poured some man-powder on his chafed legs and thought about all the man-hours he’d put into the relationship. He would just have to man-up and move on, that was all there was to it. He put a man-sized TV dinner in the microwave and called his friend Louis. His man-crush would get him through this rough time. It always did.

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