“I wish I was the universe,” said Mitch.

“What are you talking about?” asked Sandy.

“Years ago they found out the universe was expanding twice as fast as they thought, and was therefore only half as old as they thought.” Mitch patted his belly. “If that worked with people, I’d be doing pretty well.”

“Have you been reading the Times again?” asked Sandy. “You need to stop. It makes you silly.”

“You think that’s ridiculous, how about this: It’s a soap bubble universe.”

“Turn on the TV. Jersey Shore is on.”

“Do you know that there’s a Great Wall of galaxies 600 million light-years long and 250 million light-years wide?”

Sandy reached over and closed Mitch’s laptop. “If you ever want to get along with people, you have to keep up with your TV shows. We’re having dinner with the Nelsons on Friday.” She turned on the TV. “No more computer until you’ve watched three episodes of Jersey Shore.”


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