Small House

Rozella, the window dresser who specialized in shoe displays, shifted two ankle boots to pigeon-toed position in a Macy’s window. Toni handed her a box of fake snow.

“My dream house just went down to $899,000,” said Toni, “but I only have $953.27 in my bank account. I can’t get a home loan.”

“You’re a temp. Of course they won’t give you a loan. Just be patient and save up some more money. You’re young, you don’t have to worry about buying a house yet.” Rozella drizzled fake snow on the boots. “Looks like dandruff. These flakes are too tiny.” She brushed the snow off the shoe.

“But that’s the perfect house,” said Toni. “Somebody else will take it. I’ll put it on layaway.”

“I don’t think they do layaway for houses,” said Rozella, squinting at the boot. She dumped the whole box of snow in one spot, creating a single snow drift. She placed one boot in the drift. “Done.”

“I’m not waiting. If I can’t have the whole house, I’ll buy one piece at a time until I’ve got the whole thing.”

“Fine, you do that,” said Toni.

“Okay, I will.”

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