“So this website says that some guy named Lee SeaGal said ‘A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never quite sure.’”

“It says ‘Segall,’ not SeaGal. A SeaGal is a Seattle Seahawks cheerleader.”

“My point is that I always get quotes. I don’t get this quote.”

“I think it means you might think you need two of something when you don’t. Save your money. Like we do with our spoon. I eat my corned beef hash with it, then I wash it, and then you use it for your cereal.”

“We should really get another spoon, though, because no matter how good you wash it my cereal always has corned beef hash aftertaste the first few bites.”

“Well maybe the spoon wasn’t the best example. Think of it as an anti-hoarding thing.”

“I don’t think hoarders would take it to heart. Like, I don’t think my aunt Sarah would think of dumping all her old Reader’s Digests if I said something about watches and telling time.”

“Then forget the quote. Find another one you like.”

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