Linda was transfixed by Internet ads, especially the cartoon woman who shrank ten dress sizes in seven seconds. The fact that her head stayed exactly the same size seemed like some sort of miracle. She knew it wasn’t. It just seemed like it.

And the rollover ads with the woman whose wrinkles disappeared. Wrinkles. No Wrinkles. Wrinkles. No Wrinkles. No makeup treatment was that good. But watching the ad wrinkles melt away felt like a sort of rejuvenation in itself. Linda felt she could leap across the neighbor’s artistically arranged faux rock streambed in a single bound. Not that she would. But she could. Maybe. From the high side to the slightly lower side. If there was chocolate on the other side.

Okay maybe not, but she had to admit there was something about those ads, something more than meets the eye. Possibly something having to do with life being a circle. Otherwise, why would she spend so much time watching the dancing insurance ad guy? Moonwalk. Funky chicken. Moonwalk. Funky chicken.

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