Marv stopped and examined a life-sized human spine that hung in front of a chiropractic booth at the West Seattle Street Fair.  Red and yellow tubes stuck out from the vertebrae, like truncated gummy worms.  The spine also attracted the attention of a four-year old girl, who dragged her Mommy over to it.

“Look, a dinosaur,” said the girl.

“Maybe someday,” thought Marv.

He wandered to the far end of the fair, where a hard rock band played loud enough to shake the spine, had it been there. Instead, the music shook Marv’s spine, and reset his heart rhythm. Or so it seemed.

Nearby, a real estate company was giving away water bottles. He took one, only because the woman seemed to want him to have it so bad. He was the kind of person who felt he had to return favors, but he wasn’t sure he would be able to buy a house anytime soon.

After the fair, he took stock. A good laugh, a free water bottle, a minor jolt to his system, and a slight sunburn. Not a bad day.

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