1. Alternate singing Horse with no Name and Inna-Godda-Da-Vida the entire way (approximately three hours). By the time you arrive the two songs will have become inseparably one. This is called a mashup, which is extremely hipster.
2. Stare at the passing scenery and be depressed that you are not watching Avatar.
3. Get out crayons and try to draw the humanoids from Avatar. Fail miserably. Remember that many professional artists will not try to draw people. Try to draw a landscape instead. Fail miserably. Be thankful that you are:
A) An engineer
B) A kept woman
C) An outer space alien who doesn’t need to succeed using human metrics
4. Mull over every embarrassing thing you’ve ever done, including telling the boss at the company holiday party that Santa’s Elf was “not a good look” for her.
5. Pass an electrical substation and wonder if living in that rental house near the electrical tower will have an effect on you, and, if so, would moving to a house on the other side of it cancel out those effects?
6. Begin to read an online encyclopedia on your cell phone to become a more well-rounded person. Get bored at “a cappella” and play Angry Birds instead.

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