Dear Amy,
One of my predictions about the end of the world here in Breakneck, Washington came true. The demons arrived. I won the betting pool. And it was a big pool, because money here has lost its value now that people don’t think we’ll need it any more. But I’m hoping I can get out for a vacation sometime soon and it will sure come in handy then.

Anyway, the demons. I knew they would be evil and everything, but honestly, I didn’t think they would have such bad manners. They spit on everything, don’t take showers (unless you count hot ash showers), say rude things, and act as if they own the place. They also try sneak up on you, but since they smell so bad you always know they’re coming. The only good thing I can say about them is their skin is such a pretty red.

Remember Maureen? You met her once. She has that hangman’s noose tattoo around her throat. Well she and one of the demons started up a relationship and you should hear the gossip. Some people are most concerned that they can’t tell whether the demon is male or female. Also, some people think that Maureen should be acting her age (fifty-seven). Anyway, Maureen and the demon hang out on the asteroid that took out the Seven-Eleven, kissing and so on in full view of anybody who walks by. The neighbors are worried she’ll have a bad influence on their kids. But they were already worried about that so there’s nothing new there, really.


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