Hot air balloon

I was inspired by one of Andy Shackcloth’s posts. He suggested asking a simple question, then answering it in quirky ways. This is such fun everybody should try it. I plan to take it a step further by picking one or more of these answers and using it as the subject for more writing, but for now here’s my question and my list of answers. You might notice it gets a little punchy towards the end. That’s because it was two in the morning during a bout of insomnia.

Why Does Hot Air Rise?
1) It is tired of being low to the ground
2) It lacks weighty thoughts
3) It is dizzy
4) It seeks heaven
5) It contains yeast
6) It woke up, and after you wake up, you rise of course
7) It has guest it must attend to
8) It has nowhere else to go
9) It is bored
10) It’s looking for Mr. Goodbar
11) It’s trying to be above reproach
12) The cold air carries it on its shoulders
13) Pure chance. We happened to catch it on a day it was rising. Funny, that.
14) It is a victim of blackmail
15) It is attracted by satellites
16) You have somehow confused hot air with someone who gives a crap
17) Who’s asking?
18) Osmosis
19) Which sounds like Osiris
20) Something to do with dark matter or dark energy and theoretical physics that I will never understand even though scientists compare it with things I do understand like the surface of a doughnut and expanding raisin bread.

5 thoughts

  1. Hi Susan, I just love that you liked this game enough to post about it. I attributed 16) to it being two in a difficult morning, when you played it.
    I really liked “it’s a victim of blackmail” because try as I might I can’t see the associations you used for that set of connections. I hope that is the one you turn into a short story.
    Did you try using any visual thinking (sketches, images, doodles) when you played it? If you didn’t I can’t suggest strongly enough that you do try to incorporate some visual thinking when you play the game, it helps, it really really helps with creativity.
    Best of luck to you and yours, Andy.

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