Dear Amy,

Well, it’s another hot day here in Breakneck, 127 degrees in the shade. Even so, yesterday was 127 below. I can understand the heat, what with the volcanoes popping up and all, but I’d never have guessed that during end of the world we would have mini-glaciers. You should see the demons trying to slide on them like the kids do. The demons are so hot blooded they sink right through, but they never seem to learn, they just keep at it, and then the glaciers look like Swiss cheese.

Speaking of hot blooded demons, we won’t have any more trouble with the one that’s been bringing me corpse flowers. John backed him into the vortex with a forklift. The forklift will never be the same, but nobody was using it anyway.

Thanks for the care package. You timed it just right. It’s been slim pickings around here ever since the locusts came through.

When are you coming for a visit? It’s been ages.


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