The road to nose model superstardom had not been without sacrifice. Jordon couldn’t walk by a hearing aid cart in the mall without recalling Yonika, an ear model he’d gone out with early in his career. They’d met on the set of the “Smells and Sounds of East Tacoma,” a sleeper (that was still sleeping) made by 20th Century Fox. They were drawn to each other like positive and negative magnets held 1/8 inch apart.

Jordan and Yonika went out to dinner the next evening. It was then he discovered the terrible truth, that she was a habitual nose tweaker. Habits ran in her family, on both sides. Her father was an eye winker, her brother a finger snapper, and a great grandmother on her mother’s side an elbow nudger. He knew by the end of the evening that if their infatuation developed into a full-blown relationship, he would either have to learn some reliable defensive strategies or consider giving up his blossoming career.

However, their good-night kiss crushed any chance that they would ever see each other again. During the kiss, he lost himself momentarily and nibbled her ear. She pulled back, a look of betrayal in her eyes. They both knew at that moment that their love was never to be.

Maybe it was just as well, he told himself as he noted that the Hear-All hearing aid in the mall cart was not only smaller and less obtrusive than before, but looked just like a sprouted pea. He’d gotten nearly everthing else he’d ever wanted. As if to prove his point, he realized he felt like having an espresso, and he sauntered right over and bought himself one.

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